Complaint Reporting Form

pdfComplaint Reporting Form 61 Kb

Township Rental Housing Inspection Information

All rental properties within the Township are required to have an inspection performed as per the Township ordinance (Provided below).

A rental inspection form, which includes instructions and fee schedule, is also provided below.

The Township will be divided into three zones for inspections, and an advertisement has been placed in the local newspaper to explain when each zone is to be inspected. 

pdfCass Township Rental Inspection Form.pdf 75.25 KB

pdfCass Township Rental Housing Ordinance.pdf 1.68 MB

pdfStatus of Occupancy Report-Rental Properties.pdf79.19 KB

Building Permit Information

For residential building permits, download the Cass Building Permit Application, Permit Fee Schedule, Ordinance 2012-2 Accessory Structure Permits (Act 92 Ordinance), and the Ordinance 2017-2 amendment. Documents can be found below.

Submit Building Permit Application to:

ARRO Consulting, Inc.
1239 Centre Turnpike
Orwigsburg, PA  17961

Phone:  (570) 366-9534

pdfCASS TOWNSHIP FEE SCHEDULE - Resolution #2019-08 - Adopted 04/24/2019 1.17 MB|

pdfCass Building Permit Application.pdf 79.58 Kb

pdfOrdinance 2012-2 Accessory Structure Permits.pdf 442.44 Kb

pdfOrdinance 2017-2 UCC Amendment 548.88 KB

Other Township Permits

pdfCass Driveway Permit Application.pdf 511.16 Kb

pdfCass Right of Way Opening Permit.pdf 177.91 Kb

pdfCass Electrical Permit Application.pdf 565.61 Kb

pdfCass Plumbing Permit Application.pdf 221.21 Kb

pdfCass Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria.pdf 38.59 Kb

pdfCass HVAC Fuel Tank UCC Application.pdf 148.82 Kb

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)

Zoning Ordinance

Submit Zoning Application to:

ARRO Consulting, Inc.
1239 Centre Turnpike
Orwigsburg, PA  17961

Phone:  (570) 366-9534


Make checks payable to CASS TOWNSHIP. Check must be included with permit application.


Township Code (Ordinances) Phase 1a

pdfOrdinance 2019-01: Rubbish & Garbage 801 KB

pdfCass Ordinance Codification - Table of Content and parts #1, #2, and #3.pdf 1.72 MB

Township Code (Ordinances) Phase 2

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Draft Ordinances

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Right To Know Request Form

pdfRight to Know Request Form 75.63 Kb

Agency Open Records Officer:  Evelyn J. Bergan

Alternate Open Records Officer:  David W. Califf

Additional information regarding the Right-to-Know Law can be found on the PA Office of Open Records website - - or you may call (717) 346-9903.

If you need assistance, please contact our office at 570.544.5370.